Non-Employment Law Matters

The Public Sector Practice Group does not restrict our representation of local governmental entities to employment law matters. Following is a listing of the categories and types of non-employment law matters handled by the Group:

·         Claims Asserted Under Open Records Act and Open Meetings Act

·         Law Enforcement Liability, Including Use of Force Claims

·         First Amendment Claims, Including Student Speech and Regulatory Matters

·         Administrative and Judicial Removal Proceedings Against Elected Officials for Misconduct in Office

·         Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act Compliance

·         Ethics Complaints Against Elected and Appointed Officials

·         Claims Challenging Conditions of Detention, Including Adequacy of Medical Care in Jails and Other Detention Facilities

·         Claims by Vendors Challenging Termination or Non-Renewal of Agreements

·         Personal Injury/Wrongful Death Claims Based on Non-Enforcement of Local Laws

·        Nuisance Liability