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Wage and Hour

Relatively small decisions or actions can impact your compliance with Wage and Hour laws. Even the slightest mistakes can have significant financial consequences and may lead to costly litigation. The time to discover you have a problem is before a lawsuit occurs or the government investigator arrives at your door. We have conducted countless audits for a wide variety of companies throughout the nation, and we can provide the certainty of doing so for a flat fee arrangement.

If litigation ensues, Elarbee Thompson also understands business realities and works closely with our clients to protect their assets and minimize exposure. Unlike many other firms, Elarbee Thompson was helping clients with Wage and Hour class and collective action matters when they were still uncommon, well before the exponential increase in these types of cases.

In addition to this long history of expertise, all of the attorneys at Elarbee Thompson are experienced litigators, and due to our low attorney turnover, your team will remain consistent throughout…whether it be conducting an audit or handling a case. Because of our depth of experience, client-centered approach and respect of the goals and needs of your business, Elarbee Thompson is the smart choice for all of your Wage and Hour matters.


Douglas H. Duerr