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Federal, State and Local Administrative Proceedings

The Public Sector Group is regularly involved in various administrative proceedings on behalf of the firm’s public sector clients, including conducting or overseeing internal investigations of complaints, grievances and allegations of misconduct and participating in grievance and appeal proceedings before hearing officers, hearing panels and personnel, merit system and civil service boards.

We also represent public sector clients in administrative proceedings before federal and state agencies, including:

  • Overtime, Comp Time, Minimum Wage, Deduction / Withholding, Retaliation, and Independent Contractor Misclassification Claims Before the DOL / Wage and Hour Division
  • Unemployment Benefits Appeals and Independent Contractor Misclassification Claims Before the Unemployment Insurance Division of the Georgia DOL
  • USERRA Claims Before the DOL / Veterans Employment and Training Service Division
  • Employment Discrimination, Harassment, Failure to Accommodate, and Retaliation Claims Before the EEOC