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Elarbee Thompson’s attorneys are pioneers in developing effective reputation management plans for our clients. We recognize that you have worked hard to establish an outstanding reputation for your business and that you depend upon it for your very survival. Many companies – especially service providers, such as restaurants, hotels, healthcare providers, contractors and professional services firms – rely heavily on the Internet for building their brand and increasing their customer base.

We help our clients proactively manage their reputations and address reputation attacks. While we are able to resolve most issues through informal means, we do not shy away from using the legal system to protect our clients’ rights, when appropriate. We are experienced litigators and leaders in developing and advancing legal arguments that protect the victims of reputation attacks.

In this Internet age, online consumer reviews inevitably shape a company’s reputation, and our attorneys are experienced in:

  • Identifying anonymous Internet posters
  • Working with review web sites to remove offending posts
  • Preventing additional defamatory postings
  • Obtaining relief for violations

We also work closely with experts in computer forensics and search engine optimization to develop the evidence needed to successfully prosecute claims in this area. We are your one-stop shop for tailored reputation management solutions to these twenty-first century issues.

Client Successes

Filed a John Doe lawsuit on behalf of a business that relies heavily upon Internet referrals, successfully uncovering the identity of the anonymous poster of defamatory Internet reviews and overcoming a First Amendment-based challenge to our subpoena to the Internet Service Provider.

Filed and successfully resolved a lawsuit on behalf of a professional service firm against a party that harmed its business by posting false Internet reviews.



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