We understand the challenges associated with establishing and building a company. As you move along the continuum of growth, it is important to work with a firm that knows first-hand the struggles of being a small business. From negotiating and creating sales and vendor agreements to crafting employee policies and procedures, our attorneys have experience assisting innovative companies navigate their growth path.

In addition to benefiting from our legal expertise, Elarbee Thompson offers a variety of services, such as outsourced in-house counsel, training and contract review and negotiations which can be of value at any stage of your company’s growth.

Finding and securing qualified technical employees is also an obstacle for technology companies. Since growing companies often turn to hiring talent from abroad, our Immigration Practice Group can be of value as they are very experienced in assisting clients with streamlining the immigration process. They can also help develop strategies for managing international projects and other workplace planning issues.


Douglas H. Duerr