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Are You Keeping Your Confidential Information Confidential?

For your business to work, you are required to share with certain employees the company's most sensitive, confidential information, such as client or product lists, financial and profit information, and strategic planning documents.  Unfortunately, with the advent of e-mail, zip drives, online drop boxes, and the “cloud,” it is easy and tempting for employees to take all or some of this information on their way out the door – and share it with a competitor.

Most employers understand the dangers of their confidential information falling into a competitor's hands, and many recognize that, to minimize this risk, they must require certain employees to sign non-disclosure agreements.  In our experience, however, too many employers assume that this is enough, not realizing that these agreements will not be enforced unless the company takes the appropriate steps to keep its confidential information confidential.  

Are you confident with your organization's preparations?  

Recognizing the implications of not “keeping your confidential information confidential,” Elarbee Thompson, through the end of February 2014, is offering to conduct a complimentary review of the steps your company is taking to protect its confidential information.  Please reply to this email or contact your Elarbee Thompson attorney to learn more about this offer.

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